Our Parish Family Welcomes You!

St. Peter Garden Angels

As the Earth begins to warm, Nature's magnificence comes out of it’s long winter slumber and the grounds of  St. Peter Parish begin their annual show of beauty for us to marvel at and enjoy.  The bulbs which had been planted in years past give a head-start to spring and a group of volunteers of St. Peter Parish get ready for another year of planting.  Many of these spring-flowering bulbs were donated by the volunteers themselves. 

The  St. Peter Parish Flower Garden Club—also known as the St. Peter Garden Angels will begin appearing on our St. Peter campus with tools to clean up the vestiges of a long winter.  Soon , the campus will be transformed into a garden of flowers and flowering shrubs.  As the sod emerges from dormancy, we again appreciate the generosity of Charlie of Oliver Sod Farm who donated our lush, green sod, including the new sod blanketing our new Grotto to Mary.  In June, some 20 Garden Angels plant hundreds of showy annual flowers, donated by Ron & Joanne Oliver.  If there are any annual flowers remaining after the planting, they are donated to the St. Peter Parish Community Garden. 

As summer approaches, some volunteers may become busy with family activities, so new volunteers are always welcome to help during the year if they comply with the volunteer requirements.  If you would like to join this ministry, contact Deb Goff-Leigghio at 586-468-4578 or email at [email protected]

Stephanie Garsteck-Polak, who joined the Garden Angels in 2007, stepped into the leadership role in 2009.  Stephanie and her husband, Jim work diligently to keep the Parish grounds looking beautiful and fresh with the help of the other volunteer Garden Angels. 

This labor of love does not stop at the perimeter of our Church and the Fr. Welch Hall.  Other planted and maintained areas include the Rectory/St. Vincent de Paul, the Joan of Arc World War I Memorial behind the Church and our Administration Office.

Mount Clemens has recognized our Parish with Yard of the Year Awards.  In 2010, we were awarded “Lifetime Member” and in 2011 we became “Grand Yard Winner”.  We are acknowledged with the status of “Hall of Fame Lifetime Member” by the Mount Clemens Beautification Committee. 


In addition to the gratification of beautifying our St. Peter Parish campus, the Garden Angles enjoy a feeling of ownership  as they attend to the designated areas where they plant annuals, keep their area weeded and watered and free of litter.  Finally, as Autumn begins her fall color show, it is time to clean up one’s area to get it ready for a long winter’s nap. 

After Mass this spring and summer, linger a bit longer at your church and stroll       the grounds to enjoy all the multi-colored flowers and greenery which the Garden Angels are very proud to share with you.

Written by Bob Petitpren. Updated 1/29/19