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Are you tired of having to remember to write a check every Sunday before you come to Mass?  Check out We Share, our online giving program.  Just click on ONLINE GIVING. By participating in this program, your donation will be transferred directly to the parish accounts.  The best part is that you can set it up however you want - weekly or monthly - and you can change it at any time!  

You can also return the Electronic Contribution Authorization Form to begin donating.


"The choicest first fruits of your soil you shall bring to the house of the LORD, your God."

- Exodus 34:36

What does it mean to give first fruits?

In ancient times people offered God the first (or finest) fruits of their labor – often produce or livestock – as a covenantal sign of faith. Most of us don’t farm or tend sheep nowadays, but we can still dedicate the first work of our hands to God by offering our first hour’s wage each week (or its equivalent).

Why do we give first fruits?

Think of the monetary gift we choose to offer each week as an apple. If we were to give God the gift of an apple, would we offer him one with a bite taken out of it? Would we offer one that’s half-eaten? Would we offer a mere apple core? Giving our first fruits is an outward sign of our love for God. When we give God our “finest,” it shows trust in His plan for us.

When do we give first fruits?

“Firsts” are always at the beginning. So, we give first fruits at the beginning of the month or week. Implied in this definition of “first” is the truth that there will always be a beginning to the month or week. We are called to give consistently, every month or every week. Also implied is the notion that by giving to God first, we are not giving of our excess (what’s left after the bites are taken out of the apple). Rather, we are giving God a gift that’s whole, given freely and out of trust.

How do I give first fruits?

So, giving first fruits means giving our finest consistently. A very effective way to do this is through ONLINE GIVING. Leaving what we commit to God to the last minute can become a whole apple one week, a half of an apple the next week, and no apple the week after that. ONLINE GIVING is consistent – the same discerned gift amount at the same time every month. You can give with a credit card or through your bank account.

Who gives first fruits?

As soon as we are employed and on our own, it is time to make our own covenant with God and give our first fruits. At different times in our lives we may face financial hardships or a bumper crop of apples. Through it all, we discern what our “finest” is and give accordingly. As we grow closer to God and see first hand the blessings he gives for our trust in him, we find other ways to give as well – from giving a percentage of work bonuses, inheritances or gifts to planned giving in our wills.


Sunday Giving Calculator

To help you decide how much to give, please use this Calculator written in Excel - CLICK HERE!


Text and images used courtesy of Christ the Redeemer Church.