Our Parish Family Welcomes You!



“Good morning” or “Good afternoon”. This is the greeting you receive as you enter St. Peter Church for Sunday Mass or 4 pm Mass on Saturday. The friendly man or woman who greets you outside or in the church vestibule is an usher. (St. Peter Church also has a Volunteer group for Greeters.)

Ushers perform several functions in order to maintain order and assist worshipers before, during and after Mass. At the end of the Prayer of the Faithful, the ushers come forward, genuflect and accept our offering gifts. The donations are then taken to a safe place. One usher removes the empty Gifts Table from the center aisle and puts it in its proper place. At the time of Holy Communion, the ushers come forward again, genuflect and proceed to assist the congregation in receiving Communion in an orderly, solemn manner. At the end of Mass, the ushers’ job is far from over. The ushers or another volunteer will wish you well as you exit the church and give you a copy of the weekly St. Peter bulletin and other items such as Palms on Palm Sunday or the “Little Books” as they become available. Finally, the ushers will check the pews to be sure all kneelers are returned to the ‘up’ position and that Hymnals are placed in their holders and the ushers pick up any litter left behind.

Currently the Ushers’ Club has 48 members and the President of the Ushers’ Club is Randy Lentini. The Ushers’ club meets four times a year, with a Pizza Party after Lent. Each Mass has a Captain; Peter Nollette is the Captain at 4 pm Saturday Mass, Tom Duke is the 7:30 Sunday am Captain, Barry Crawford at 10 am and Jeff Ashman is Captain at the noon Mass.

To serve as an usher, you must be a regular attendee at Mass and be a member of the St. Peter Parish. As with any Volunteer opportunity, you must sign a Volunteer Commitment form each year, submit to a background check and attend the Protecting God’s Children seminar.  We will look at these requirements for volunteers in a future article of the Joy of Stewardship.

 For further information about this and  the many volunteer opportunities for stewardship at St. Peter, please contact our Stewardship Director, Debbie Goff -Liegghio at the St. Peter Parish office – 586-468-4578 or [email protected]

Written by Bob Petitpren. Updated 1/14/2019