Our Parish Family Welcomes You!


The Joy of Stewardship

Did you ever marvel at how beautiful the church altar is, especially during the Christmas and Easter seasons, or how remarkable the campus grounds look around our church?  How does the weekly Mass proceed in an orderly manner, so our Priests can make the Mass a beautiful, meaningful experience for us each week and during the Holidays?

The outreach and activities of St. Peter Church take place inside and outside the church building and beyond the church premises itself.  There are numerous dedicated men, women and young parishioners who volunteer their time and talents to make St. Peter the great church that it is.

So, who are these volunteers? Look around!  They are the people next to you in the pews!  They are YOU!  They are all of us who are sharing our gifts with our Faith Community and our neighbors.  

Now, what are your gifts?  Many of you already know.  Many may not realize that they have gifts.  For those who do not know, we ask that you look over the ministries on this website and pray.  Ask God where you fit in.  If you still cannot discern where you fit in, do not give up!  Instead, call the Stewardship Office at 586-468-4578.  We will help you discover your unique gifts and how you too can use them for God's Will.  

Together, let us go forth sharing our gifts, for we are family: His family!  God bless!


Our Ministries
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Youth - Adult Leadership Coordinators
Youth Volunteer Opportunities


Protecting God's Children Workshops

In order to provide a safe environment for our children, all adult volunteers (18 years and older) must participate in a Protecting God's Children (PGC) Workshop, have a criminal history background check and be provided with the Volunteer Code of Conduct.  For a listing of the PGC Workshops in our area, go to www.virtus.org and press the "Registration" button, check in our weekly parish bulletin, or call the Administration Office at 586-468-4578.

Called to Serve Workshops

It has now been mandated by the Archdiocese of Detroit that all teen volunteers (Grades 9-12) whose volunteer service involves contact with children must participate in a Called to Serve Workshop.  For a listing of the Called to Serve Workshops in our area go to www.aod.org, and press "Protecting God's Chldrent", check our weekly parish bulletin, or call the Administration Office at 586-568-4570

Read the Archdiocese Policy on Protecting God's Children & Background Checks Here:  Statement of Policy