Our Parish Family Welcomes You!

Office Support


Office Angels

Our office angels provide us with many hands to make our workload lighter.  As an Office Angel, you would stuff bulletins, prepare and assemble mailings, back-up the Scrip and Stewardship offices, answer and make telephone calls, greet visitors, coordinate social events, and input data.

Time Commitment: This ministry takes place during normal working hours in the Parish Office.  Time commitment depends on your availability and need.



This group of people takes pictures of various parish events, puts them on a CD or sends them to us via e-mail so we can share them in our parish bulletin with all of our parishioners.

Time Commitment: Whenever you are at an event


Telephone Committee

As a member of this committee, you would assist parishioners and staff in special projects where a number of parishioners need to be contacted by phone.

Time Commitment: Volunteers for this committee are contact as the needs arise.