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Mass Intentions

Mass Intentions


Mass Intentions for January 14 to 20, 2019

Monday, January 14 8:00a.m.

For our Parish & School Families

Michael & Elizabeth Cooney (dec)

Tuesday, January 15 8:00a.m.

Souls in Purgatory req: A Parishioner

Wednesday, January 16 8:00a.m.

Dorothy Breiling (dec) req: her husband & family

Adriana Pleban (dec) req: Family

Thursday, January 17 8:00a.m.

Virginia Holland (dec) req: Family

Friday, January 18 8:00a.m.

George Bernard (dec) req: Elizabeth Nebel Family

Raymond Flores (dec) req: Mary Flores

Saturday, January 19 4:00p.m.

Living & Deceased Members of the Marecki Family req: Family

Olga Stec (dec) req: Susan & Brack Moss

Trudy Schweder (dec) req: Jeanine & Rory Jones

Vincent R. Fraser (dec) req: Family

Anthony Marroso (dec) req: Family

Gary Blash (dec) req: Family

Sunday, January 20 7:30a.m.

Anna Rosseel (dec) req: The Rosseel Family

Marilyn Johnson (dec) req: Family


Living & Deceased Members off the Dewan & Donahue Families req: The Jim Dewan Family

Edward Simpson (dec) req: Linda Simpson

Bruce Kennedy (dec) req: Richard & Penny Caretti

12:00 Noon

For the Intentions of our Parish Family

Robert Rosol (dec) req: Elaine Turkowski

Dale Goodhue (dec) req: his wife, Karen & Children

Carl Holland (dec) req: his wife, Eleanor