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Art & Architecture of St. Peter Church

St. Peter Church is built in a modern English Gothic style.  This style is characterized by pointed arches, large windows and flying buttresses.  St. Peter Church incorporates these features, but updates them for a cleaner, less ornate style.  The exterior is constructed of brick with limestone trim and a slate roof.  The interior is decorated with Italian marble wainscoting and plaster walls.  The ceilings consist of open truss-work with beamed, paneled ceilings between the trusses.  White oak is used throughout the church for confessionals, pews and other furniture.
The shape of St. Peter Church has multiple meanings.  First and foremost, the church is laid out in the shape of a cross with the sanctuary and Tabernacle standing at the head of the cross.  This demonstrates the centrality of Christ's sacrifice and redemptive love to our faith.  Secondly, the nave and sanctuary form an upside-down Noah's Ark.  This symbolizes that Christianity is a continuation of the Covenant established between God and Noah and reaffirmed between God and the Jewish people.
More information about the artistic features of St. Peter Church can be found below.