Our Parish Family Welcomes You!

Social & Fellowship

Social & Fellowship


Emmaus Young Adult Ministry (18-25)

This ministry is looking for young adults, ages 18-35, married or single, who are interested in leadership opportunities.  This Archdiocese run program needs leaders to plan and promote dynamic events for other young adults in the areas of Evangelization & Catechesis; Liturgy, Sacraments & Prayer; Justice & Service; and Community Life.

Time Commitment: Will depend on the events.

Euchre Tournaments (21+)

Once a month, on a Friday or Saturday.  Prepare a food item, sell 50/50 tickets, set up hall, clean up hall, chip person, or better yet: Come and Play!  Fun-filled evening every month.

Time Commitment: Once a month, once a year, whenever you would like


Lenten Pot Luck Suppers

Lenten Pot Luck dinners are offered on the Fridays during Lent.  There is time to share a meal and be reminded of our common journey through Lent.  Parishioners bring a meatless dish to share with one another.  After dinner, all are invited upstairs to pray the Stations of the Cross.  Volunteers are needed to set-up and clean-up the hall.

 Time Commitment: Fridays during Lent, 20 min. before & after dinner.


Men’s Group

We are trying to get a Men’s Group going.  Please sign up if you are interested in being involved in forming a Men’s Group and planning various activities throughout the year. This is your group.  Make it happen!  Possible activities include:

    • Over 30 Men’s Basketball
    • Physical Fitness

Time Commitment: Depends on the group’s desires. 

MOMS – Ministry of Mothers Sharing

Are you stressed, overworked, or tired, or all of the above?  If so, this is the ministry for you.  We come together to share our experiences, build our spirituality, grow personally, and as a mother.  This small commitment of time will allow you to deepen your self awareness and build your relationship with God.  This is a must for every mother or grandmother of all ages.

Time Commitment: We meet for 3 hours, 8 weeks in a row.

Senior Citizen Group (Cooney’s Cronies)

Our seniors meet once a week to play cards and socialize.

Time Commitment: Tuesdays, 1:30-4:30pm

Singles Groups (18-35) and (36+)

This is a new ministry for SINGLES ONLY which will evolve with your ownership.

Time Commitment: Will depend on the groups chosen activities.

SMASH - St. Mary’s Annual Stag Holiday

This is a group of men who throw an annual golf tournament to raise money for scholarships, supplies, equipment, and other items as needed by the school.  If you like to golf, this is the event for you.

Time Commitment: Once a year in June.

Social Activities Coordinator

Coordinators are needed for family events, for young couples, and for singles, to plan and coordinate events of interest.

Time Commitment: Varies, whatever you would like to give.


It's BBQ Time!  Bring your family, friends, ball glove and your game-face for a Pick-Up Softball Game, some summertime fun and food!  We need many volunteers to make this event happen: Chairperson, Games, Food Preparation, 50/50 Ticket Sellers, Set Up, Clean Up, etc.

Time Commitment: Summer event - varies based on activity of your choice


Women’s Group

Our women meet bi-monthly and plan various activities throughout the year that nurtures their souls, each other, and their families.  These activities consist of:

    • Coffee, Tea, and Me Night
    • Cookie Walk
    • Euchre Tournaments
    • Ministry of Mother’s Sharing
    • Navigating through Negativity
    • Cookbook
    • Cooking Lessons
    • Ladies Night Out
    • Mystery Dinner
    • Parish Picnic
    • Physical Fitness
    • Scrapbooking

Time Commitment: Varies with each event